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SSC BGS Question Solution 2024 pdf (Dhaka & All Boards)

SSC BGS MCQ Question Solution 2024 pdf (Dhaka & All Boards)

SSC BGS Question Solution 2024 pdf (Dhaka & All Boards) download. After the examination of SSC and equivalent compulsory subjects, the group-based examination has started. On the last day of which the Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS) test of the science group was taken. So those of you who are participating in today’s SSC BGS exam from science group and want to get post exam question solutions, you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to give MCQ and CQ Question Solution 2024 of SSC BGS Exam in PDF and Image form.

SSC BGS Question Solution 2024

Today March 12, 2024 (thus-day) SSC and Equivalent BGS Examination was held. The said BGS subject is a branch wise compulsory subject for science stream students, which has no papers. SSC BGS exam started at 10 am and ended at 01:00 pm. Where the first step is multiple choice MCQ and the second step is creative question written test. Where total 100 marks exam is taken in 2 parts, MCQ 25 marks and written 70 marks and remaining 30 marks are in practical exam. Let’s know today’s SSC BGS Question Solution 2024 first, from our webpage.

SSC BGS Exam Question Solution 2024 PDF download

Today’s SSC BGS Subject Exam was held under 9 General Education Boards. Where a total of 1.35 lakh students from the science group participated in the physics exam. You are all aware that this time the SSC BGS exam has been conducted in the light of the full syllabus published by NCTB, the questions of which are formulated from a total of 16 chapters.

Since the SSC BGS exam question paper of all education boards is different, naturally the solution should also be given separately. So we will give Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Comilla, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, Dinajpur, Mymensingh, Madrasa and Technical Board SSC Bangladesh and Global Studies Exam Questions and Solutions 2024 in pdf file and image form.

comilla ssc bgs - 1

comilla ssc bgs - 2

SSC Higher Math Question Solution 2024 pdf (Dhaka & All Boards)

SSC Physics BGS Question with Answer 2024

Students appearing for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS) Subject Examination must look for MCQ Questions and Answers. Because we know that bgs is the most difficult subject of science branch in SSC and equivalent exams. Many students do not do well in the MCQ portion of this subject, and even fail. So everyone wants to compare the solutions of A, B, C and D sets of SSC BGS subject after the exam. So for you, we have collected all the SSC BGS Exam A, B, C and D MCQ Questions and Answers 2024 of all education boards of Bangladesh below, check them one by one.


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