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SSC ICT Exam Question Solution 2024 (100% correct mcq answer)

SSC ICT Exam Question Solution 2024 pdf (100% correct mcq answer)

SSC ICT Exam Question Solution 2024 (100% correct mcq answer) pdf download. I am starting this article by inviting all of you who are participating in SSC and equivalent exam 2024. In today’s article we will share SSC ICT Exam MCQ Question Solution 2024. Today 28th February, 2024 Wednesday SSC and Equivalent ICT exam was held. Which started at 10 am and ended at 10:30 pm. Only the MCQ multiple choice part examination of the said compulsory subject ICT is accepted. Let’s check SSC ICT MCQ Exam Question Solution PDF.

SSC ICT Exam Question Solution 2024

Are you looking for today’s SSC ICT Exam Question Solution 2024? The subject exam was completed some time ago. ICT is a compulsory subject in SSC and equivalent exams like Bangla, English. However, unlike other compulsory subjects, ICT subject examination is not accepted with total 100 marks. In SSC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subject only MCQ exam is conducted, creative or CQ exam is not conducted. Due to which the students are given only 30 minutes exam in ICT subject. Check today’s SSC ICT Exam Question Solution.

SSC ICT MCQ Question Solution 2024 pdf download

ICT Subject Exams for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Equivalent Examinations were held today. The MCQ part of the subject has been tested, as creative part of ICT subject is not tested. But MCQ part questions of ICT subject are not easy as MCQ exam of other subjects. Due to which at the end of SSC ICT exam, the students appearing in the exam are looking for MCQ question solutions. So that they can check how many question answers are correct. So we have prepared SSC ICT MCQ exam A, B, C and D set question solutions one by one, which are given in PDF and image form.

dha ssc ict - 1

dha ssc ict - 2

raj ssc ict - 1

raj ssc ict - 2

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SSC Information and Communications Technology Question Answer 2024 All Boards

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been included in the syllabus of SSC and equivalent examinations from the last academic year 2016. The subject has total 10 chapters, out of which 25 MCQ questions are formulated for SSC exam from 7 chapters. Because you know that there is no written exam without MCQ questions of SSC ICT subject. So we have given today’s SSC Information and Communication Technology Exam Multiple Choice Question Answers 2024 for all boards. Where Dhaka, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore, Comilla, Barisal, Mymensingh and Madrasa Board will get the solution in the light of separate set.


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