eps boesl gov bd result 2024 south korean lottery result release on today

eps boesl gov bd result 2024 pdf south korean lottery result release on today

eps boesl gov bd result 2024 south korean lottery result release on today. South Korea Lottery 2024 application has already been accepted by Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (BOSEL). Which started on March 4, 2024 at 10 AM and ended on March 5, 2024 at 5 PM. Where a total of 1 lakh 85 thousand candidates have validly applied for Korean Lottery 2024 online through eps boesl gov bd website. Those who are now waiting for boesl south korea lottery 2024 result.

eps boesl gov bd result 2024

You are all aware that South Korea and Bangladesh government signed a memorandum of understanding on sending workers in 2007. Based on this agreement, the Bangladesh government started sending skilled workers to South Korea from 2008. Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (Boesl) has selected candidates in several steps to officially send workers and manpower to South Korea.

In the first phase of South Korea Lottery 2024, 30 thousand 652 people (Manufacturing Industry-17460, Fishery-7760 and Construction-4268 and Shipbuilding-1164) have already been taken by special first-come, first-served method. And 12,400 people (manufacturing industry) will be taken in the second phase of korea lottery system, whose eps boesl gov bd result 2024 will be presented here.

south korean lottery result on today

Candidates can apply for Korean Lottery this year through boesl in total 2 steps or process. Candidates can apply in any one of the 2 stages, any candidate applying in both stages will be deemed to be de-registered. Among them, those of you who have applied online to participate in the 2-day Korean language test on March 4 to 5, 2024, will be held today, March 7, 2024, at 11:00 am at Boesl’s immigration meeting hall. Interested candidates can attend during the lottery. South Korean lottery result or the list of candidates who have passed the lottery and the notice regarding the final registration will be published on Boesl’s website and Facebook page.

দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া লটারি ফলাফল ২০২৪ [বোয়েসেল ইপিএস রেজাল্ট দেখার নিয়ম]

boesl korea lottery result pdf download

Today, March 7, 2024 Thursday at 4 pm on the website of Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL) boesl korea lottery result list of successful candidates is published. According to Boesel’s Facebook notification, the final registration of candidates who passed the lottery will start from May 27 to June 21, 2024. A total of 28,000 people have passed the lottery, including 8,000 people who are waiting.

The final registration i.e. the candidates receiving the admit card will be held in the designated UBT Hall of Pravasi Kalyan Bhawan. Subject to the receipt of this notice from HRD Korea, it will be published on May 15, 2024 on Boesel’s website and Facebook page.


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